Lucky the Rooster...

One cloudless Halloween night the Bourgeois Gypsies were driving home from a gig when they happened upon a rooster on the side of the road. Further investigation uncovered that the rooster's name was Lucky and he had been at a costume party which had escalated into a fairly furious cockfight, from which he had barely escaped with his life. The band took him home and doctored him up. To express his gratitude Lucky decided that the band was in sore need of a mascot/manager and appointed himself to the position.
Before long Lucky was a prominent member of the band, appearing in photo ops, cd covers, practices, etc, and has been known to act as a pied rooster (when he starts dancing people can't seem to help but follow). And while he's still known to take part in the occasional cockfight, he's always got folks to doctor him up.

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